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2009-03-01 03:09 am

■ two ■

Looks like I'll be helping Hayner with putting up posters for the struggle tournament...reminds me a bit of home...

Actually...from what Hayner seems like this may be more exciting then the Struggle tournament back home. I'm kinda excited!
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2009-02-04 05:59 pm
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■ one ■ I?

This is definitely not Twilight Town. And this thing...I'm still figuring out how to work it.

Things are definitely strange around here.

...Hayner? Pence?
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2009-01-27 08:50 pm
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Hey, if you are from any old rps ([ profile] ville_delumiere, [ profile] reduplication, & [ profile] merlin_high) please defriend. This journal is going to be reused. Thanks~ ♥