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Olette ([personal profile] petit_ailes) wrote2009-03-01 03:09 am

■ two ■

Looks like I'll be helping Hayner with putting up posters for the struggle tournament...reminds me a bit of home...

Actually...from what Hayner seems like this may be more exciting then the Struggle tournament back home. I'm kinda excited!

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Struggle tournament?

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Um, yes. It's where you fight with a struggle bat...which is basically a bat that has a foam cover over it.

We always have a tournament back home.

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Sounds like a strange tournament....

[identity profile] 2009-03-01 08:50 am (UTC)(link)
It's not that strange..

You should enter and give it a try!

[identity profile] 2009-03-01 08:54 am (UTC)(link)
Eh, I'll think about it.

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We'll be able to get a lot more people involved, so it should be interesting.

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Hayner seems about you, Roxas?

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I am too! I think it'll be good for Discedo to have something like this take place.

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Oh! D'you struggle too?

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No, I don't participate in the tournament. I help Hayner with putting up posters and I always come to watch him and Roxas compete.

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Oh! Uh...can you help me figure out how it works? The slangish for it, and all?

I've gotta write a struggle fight song.

[identity profile] 2009-03-02 05:37 am (UTC)(link)

[identity profile] 2009-03-01 03:35 pm (UTC)(link) chance of doing actual sparring, right? Its just with those puffy practice bats? They look so clumsy!

[identity profile] 2009-03-02 04:08 am (UTC)(link)
They aren't that should give it a try!

[identity profile] 2009-03-02 04:17 am (UTC)(link)
Maybe I will...just to show I can.

[identity profile] 2009-03-02 05:09 am (UTC)(link)
The more people, the better!

[identity profile] 2009-03-02 05:29 am (UTC)(link)
Which one's better at it, do you think, Hayner or Seifer? Be honest.

[identity profile] 2009-03-02 06:16 am (UTC)(link)
I think they are both good..they both work very hard to win.

[identity profile] 2009-03-02 06:50 am (UTC)(link)
So you think it'll be a close match?

[identity profile] 2009-03-10 06:21 pm (UTC)(link)
Yes, I think it will!

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